All kinds of styles of non-woven bag

Anhui JQ plastic packaging Co., Ltd. is located in the town of TongchengLuting, the existing more than 100 workers, is a factory specializing in the design, processing, export of all types of injection molding and packaging, and down products of the Group of companies.

The company has many years production experience, strong technical force. The use of imported or domestically produced high-quality PVC, PP, PE, EVA non-woven, self-produced lamination a variety of craft materials packaging products, suits sets, bags, handbags, as well as foreign supermarket shopping bags used and so on. Plastic products include plastic hangers, plastic packaging and all kinds of care put plastic tent accessories.
At the same time, the company producing all kinds of feather bedding products including down quilts, feather pillows, sheets, pieces of sets and so on.

Products are exported to Australia, Japan, Spain, Canada, Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. We will provide best service for any customer.


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